LETTER: Many are tired of threats from EU

A reader discusses Europe.

Union Jack and European Union flags
Union Jack and European Union flags

I wondered when Roger (Watts) was going to ‘pull one of my letters to pieces’. Apparently Roger says I was whinging that the French Navy was escorting boat loads of illegal immigrants into British waters. Unfortunately Roger this does not help the illegal immigrants where many have unfortunately died crossing this treacherous stretch of water the English Chanel. Luckily many have been rescued by the UK Border Force.

I need to remind Roger that France was paid lots of Euros by the UK to help solve this terrible problem hoping that they could put a stop to the ruthless people traffickers where they charge £1000 for each person. This is very unfair to the legal immigrants who wish to settle in the UK legally. What a pity France cannot see this too.

I’m sorry to say Roger but the EU are not so moderate or constructive as you might like to think. They couldn’t even be fair with the UK over the covid vaccine; they even tried to blame the UK for their own mistakes, threatening to stop vaccines reaching the UK. Many countries are fed up with the EU especially with Ursula Von der Leyen who cannot seem to make up her mind whose side she is on.

One thing is for sure our Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘ran rings’ around the EU Clan!

I do honestly believe it is important never to mix nastiness with honesty.

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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