We need to look again at when we release terrorists

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Once again London has been the target of an horrific attack from a convicted terrorist who was released from prison on a licence 12 months ago.

Terrorist Usman Khan

Was he wearing an electronic tag and if so was he being monitored?

The convicted terrorist viciously stabbed and killed a man and a woman and injured several other people.

The quick response and swift action of our police meant they were on the scene within minutes and the bravery of members of the public who helped to put this convicted terrorist down, otherwise many more innocent people would have been killed by this vicious killer who was wearing a suicide belt, although at the time the police and members of the public did not know that it was a fake, but this did not deter their bravery.

We have to thank all our emergency services who have displayed extreme courage and professionalism to help keep our country safe, but why was this vicious killer allowed out of prison so early to mix with the public as he was deemed a danger to everyone? Who are these people who make these rules?

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson must ensure new laws are brought in to deal with these horrific incidents and the release of terrorists from prisons. There must be new rules to say who sanctions when a prisoner is released, especially a terrorist.

This country needs new prisons specially built, ensuring prisoners are segregated and cannot be radicalised. Let us not hear that the terrorist has his ‘rights’.

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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