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LETTER: Left standing on the platform

How right is Lord Hamilton of Dalzell, President of Ludlow Conservative Association is stating why his party is losing credibility in rural communities.

Bus services

And who, with the exception of Liberal Democrat MP Helen Morgan, is fighting for those communities?

Huge amounts of money are being thrown at the conurbations released from HS2 for game-changing transport projects thanks to the demise of HS2, whilst we, in Shropshire, struggle to keep skeleton bus services running when equally good economic cases can be made for investment in the shires? Moreover, we should have joint projects with the Metro regions that benefit a much wider area as enjoyed by the South East to mutual advantage.

All our political representatives tell the Government we need and deserve better. Favoured areas are getting the ‘Icing on the cake’. We need a larger slice of the cake, not the crumbs, so we can truly exploit our economic potential...

Otherwise we will be standing on the platform with the train already gone.

Mike Crump, Bridgnorth

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