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LETTER:Fines timeline is a disgrace

Limits of 20mph are being established with CCTV in many areas and the income for councils is increasing, while scientific research says that the results so far are not as hoped for.


Fines and enforcement are to be expected. But be very careful, signs are easily missed. We paid for the one we knew of, we went via a diversion and thought we may have touched the fringe.

We had been away and returning home we went online, there was no record as all fines should be paid within six days. We’d be notified within weeks.

A very large fine and the original cost was what we had to pay - an appeal would cost more. We had paid what was demanded but the cost of appeal was too high. The six day limit is a disgrace - how many people would be able to pay within six days? How many have had to pay fine plus furthercosts?

B A Flowers, Newport

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