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'Sharp-eyed' bank worker foils fake driving licence plot to steal £96,000 of man's savings

A "sharp-eyed" bank manager foiled a plot to steal almost £100,000 of savings from a victim's accounts in Shropshire.


Fraudsters Roy Gibbs, Samson Ojeyemi-Oyadeyi and Olabunmi Olalekan attempted to clear the savings account and an ISA of a Halifax customer at the branch in Green End, Whitchurch.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard how Ojeyemi-Oyadeyi and Olalekan had gathered personal details of the victim, who was from Northallerton, Yorkshire, and got a fake driving licence made in his name.

Gibbs, 54, was the "front man" of the operation, going into the bank on April 13, 2017 and attempting to fool a bank worker into believing he was the man named on the driving licence.

He tried to close the £66,000 current account and £30,000 ISA in the victim's name and move the money to a different bank. However, the bank manager who served him at the Halifax branch - which closed in November 2022 - grew suspicious.

Gibbs then said he would just take £2,500, which further raised suspicion.