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Drunken woman strangled taxi driver to unconsciousness with his seatbelt while hurling racist abuse

A drunken woman shouted racial abuse as she strangled a taxi driver with his own seatbelt while trying to claim the booking from another passenger.

Tierney was spared jail for the offences

Abbie Tierney, 29, from Telford, was sentenced at Shrewsbury Crown Court after being found guilty at a trial earlier this year of three offences in relation to the incident on November 24, 2019.

The court heard that Tierney had been drinking with a group of friends in Telford on the evening in question, and was "highly intoxicated".

Judge Recorder Marc Brown, said another man, Jamie Owen, had been finishing work and had booked a taxi to collect him.

Tierney and her friends had tried to claim the taxi, leading to what Recorder Brown said was "some confusion".

He described the situation as "escalating", with Tierney slapping Mr Owen in the face, removing his hat, and spitting at him.

Tierney then directed her rage at the taxi driver, Mohammed Afzal.