Toby’s awards are well-deserved

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It was a huge pleasure to learn of Toby Neal’s well-deserved awards.

Toby Neal with his two awards at Villa Park

It is always a joy to read his non-partisan columns, with their gentle fun at the expense of all our pompous and crass politicians, and always a welcome break away from all the nastiness and sly digs of the liberal press, who for some reason, seem to think they are clever (but, as someone said, “Intellectuals are not intelligent”). Thank you indeed, Toby Neal!

Pity our two “grumpy old men”, Tim Wasdell and Rod Shaw cannot take a leaf out of his book and spare us all their incessant flow of hate and anger towards Boris Johnson.

We have enough negativity in the world already and don’t need their opinions. Interesting that they never criticise the leader of the opposition and his dishonest cohorts, but some people are so desperate to get a Labour government, notably again, the liberal media, that they just keep shtum on his transgressions as, they did over John Bercow’s.

Please keep up the good work, Toby. We need people like you to lift our spirits in this so-jaded society.

N Jones, Shrewsbury

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