Johnson shows he is unfit for office

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We must surely all see that Boris Johnson is now behaving like a wrecker, and a desperate one at that.

Boris Johnson

To advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament is nothing to do with clearing the decks for a new legislative programme. It’s about suspending democracy ahead of what could be a no deal Brexit.

Boris is showing his cynical side. He is increasingly bearing the expression of someone who knows he is wrong, almost certainly doomed, but is enjoying the journey anyway, because the journey involves a brief taste of the trappings of ultimate power.

The writing was probably on the wall when the Prime Minister appointed Dominic Cummings as his chief advisor, a man who seems to feel very strongly about delivering a no deal Brexit, and about aggressively criticising those who disagree with him. But, a man who might struggle to put on one side of A4, despite his undoubtedly high intellect, how we will avoid the destruction of the car industry, amongst others, if we get all this wrong.

Immediately after the referendum, in a moment of madness, I thought that it might be for the best if Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. But, having finally got there, it hasn’t taken him long to disappoint.

The Prime Minister has now proved himself unfit for office and his fate, and that of Mr Cummings, should be decided by the people, as soon as possible.

John Gemmell, Wem

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