Laying blame for mess on someone else’s doorstep

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Once upon a time, the UK Government decided it was in our interest to have a close formal relationship with some other European countries.

After years of negotiating, a treaty was finally signed but some people were not happy. Within a few years a new government decided it would stop these people whinging and moaning by holding a referendum on the matter.

Two thirds of those who voted wanted to keep close ties to Europe and those who voted against this said they would accept this democratic decision and stop the whinging and moaning. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

Sadly we know in real life what actually happened was the whingers and moaners thought the people had made the wrong decision and said they must keep voting until they got it right. Some of them even formed a new party so they could whinge and moan more effectively. The leader of this party tried to become an MP and failed several times but he was elected as an MEP where he constantly insulted our European partners.

To cut a long story short the government got so fed up with the trouble makers they held a second referendum in 2016. Just before this referendum the leader of the whingers and moaners said if he lost this vote he would carry on his campaign until the voters got it right.

When the Brexiters won by a small majority many of them said everyone should totally accept the decision without question, even though nobody seems to know exactly what the decision means.

The people who led us into this mess cannot even run their own party but rather than apologise they look for someone to blame for the problems they have caused. Fairy tales are much better than real life.

Pete Davies, Pant

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