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Talking Telford: The ghost of British business past still stalks Wellington and Southwater

When struggling businesses go to the wall and their shops are shuttered for the final time, some brands leave deeper and more conspicuous wounds in our high streets than others.

Wellington’s old Wilko won’t be forgotten in a hurry

Wellington’s old Wilko won’t be forgotten in a hurry - the famous British retailer went into administration back in September but the distinctive red branding on the pretty building in Market Street it used to run remains, as do three decades’ worth of cheerful memories of shoppers’ little rituals: of loading up on cleaning products for the spring clear-out that will definitely get your life back on track this time; of letting your dog proudly pick out a shiny new toy all on their own; of optimistically treating a younger relative who’s off to university to a serving bowl or a mini ironing board they’ll never use.

There had been hopes the Poundland empire would take over running the Wellington Wilko, as it has some other branches around the UK, but the deal for the Wellington store fell through. As long as the store stands empty, anyone who claps eyes on it will be confronted by the past. The last time I checked the car park opposite the store still had signs denoting it as Wilko property too - the ghost of British business past looms large in that part of town.