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Watch as classic Blue Peter locomotive steams through Wellington on a giant loop around Shropshire

Blue Peter came through Shropshire - but there was no sign of sticky-back plastic or tortoises.

Blue Peter taken from a road bridge at Preston/Preston Boats on the Uffington - Atcham Road. Picture: Russell Davies Photography

For this particular Blue Peter - caught on video as it went on a loop through the heart of Shropshire on Thursday - is a lovely steam engine that shares its name with the popular children's TV programme and the maritime signal.

A Star photographer was among the enthusiasts who gathered at points across the county to take pictures of the old express locomotive.

Photographer Steve Leath caught the train as it passed through Wellington Station, five minutes ahead of schedule. As his pictures show, it was the centre of attention for people on the platform.

Blue Peter train passing through Wellington Station, Shropshire..

The locomotive, 60532 Blue Peter, was on a test steaming through the county, pulling its first train on the mainline for nearly 23 years.