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Telford named least congested town in the whole of the UK

Telford has been named as the UK's least congested area.

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The streets of Telford are the UK's least congested

As part of their research into the best places learners to take their tests, experts at Bill Plant Driving School listed the UK towns and cities with the least congestion.

The research used the average delay on local A roads per vehicle, per mile.

Telford came out on top, with drivers being held up an average of 19.9 seconds per mile on A roads within the town.

Bill Plant's research found: "Telford, located in the county of Shropshire, comes in first as the UK city with the least amount of congestion.

"On average in 2021, vehicles in Telford were delayed by 19.9 seconds per mile, making it the least congested town in the whole of England and the UK."

Telford was comfortably clear of the second-best location, Lincoln, and was the only place to record per-vehicle-per-mile delays below 21 seconds.

The top 20 locations are:

Telford - 19.9 seconds

Lincoln - 21.3 seconds

Peterborough - 22.3 seconds

Hereford - 23.8 seconds

Cambridge - 24.4 seconds

Worcester - 27.7 seconds

Northampton - 29.8 seconds

Darlington - 29.9 seconds

Durham - 30.6 seconds

Gloucester - 32.0 seconds

Chester - 32.4 seconds

Doncaster - 33.2 seconds

Wakefield - 40 seconds

York - 41.3 seconds

Swindon - 42.7 seconds

Coventry - 43.1 seconds

Leeds - 43.8 seconds

Warrington - 44.2 seconds

Sheffield - 46.5 seconds

Sunderland - 48.4 seconds

Karen Jones, owner of K.S. Driving School, said a lot of work has been done to Telford's roads over the years, but was surprised to hear the town is the last congested.

"They still have complex roundabouts, exactly the same kind of format as other places," she said. "To me some of their roads are very complex. Pupils should go to tests when they can read the roads, you can't take a test too early.

"Lots of people try to rush it, but it's important to be ready. We have got a high pass rate in Telford because people are going to tests when they are completely ready - there is no point if you can't read the road."

The research named nearby Wolverhampton as the location with the UK's lowest pass rate for learner drivers.

Bill Plant Driving School ranked the city as the place with the worst pass rate between April 2021 and March this year. Nearby Dudley coming in sixth while Birmingham and Coventry also appeared in the bottom 10.

According to the research, Wolverhampton has an average pass rate of 37.2 per cent, with males having a higher pass rate than females at 39.6 per cent compared to 34.3.

Wolverhampton - 37.2 per cent

Croydon - 38.8 per cent

Leeds - 39.8 per cent

Plymouth - 40 per cent

Birmingham - 40.8 per cent

Dudley - 41.7 per cent

Luton - 41.9 per cent

Sheffield - 41.9 per cent

Coventry - 42.8 per cent

Doncaster - 43 per cent