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Dog owners put on alert after rare disease confirmed in Shropshire

Dog owners in Shropshire are being warned to be vigilant after a rare and 'potentially life-threatening disease' was confirmed in the county.

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Severn Edge Vets, which has practices and a 24/7 veterinary hospital in Shropshire and the West Midlands, says a case of Alabama Rot has been confirmed in the Cleobury Mortimer area.

Alabama Rot, also known as CRGV (cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy) is a very rare, potentially life-threatening disease in dogs, causing damage to the blood vessels in the skin and sometimes the kidney.

Severn Edge Vets, in a statement on its Facebook page, said: "Unfortunately we have seen a confirmed case of Alabama Rot, also known as CRGV, this time in the Cleobury Mortimer area. An additional case is suspected but not yet confirmed.

"While there is no need for panic, we're advising dog owners to be vigilant and to contact their vet if their dog develops unexplained skin lesions, particularly on the legs or paws."

They added that it is not known what causes CRGV and it remains a very rare disease.

"Most cases occur between November and May and there is some evidence of a link to walking in wet, muddy woodland areas," they said.

"It may be beneficial to wash and dry your dog after a muddy walk.

"Current advice is that there is no need to avoid walking in certain areas."

Signs of Alabama Rot:

  • Skin sores not caused by a known injury, particularly on the legs or paws

  • Swollen skin

  • Redness

  • Signs that may be seen if kidney problems develop such as vomiting and changes in behaviour such as fatigue or lack of appetite.

Further information can be found at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists' dedicated page.

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