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Shropshire rescuers raising money to get good dog his own 'bachelor pad' after cancer diagnosis

A fundraiser has been launched to help buy a poorly dog his own bachelor pad to live out his days in comfort after he received a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Bentley, 9, at Birch Hill Dog Rescue

Birch Hill Dog Rescue in Neen Sollars, near Cleobury Mortimer, is asking for donations to help create a private kennel and run for full-time resident Bentley.

Bentley, 9, at Birch Hill Dog Rescue

The nine-year-old American Akita has been with the rescue and rehoming centre since 2016 and has become a huge part of the Birch Hill family.

The centre made the sad announcement this week that Bentley had been diagnosed with an advanced form of bladder cancer for which there is no treatment.

Now, the team are hoping to create a 'bachelor pad' for Bentley to make the rest of his life comfortable and relaxing.

Tracy Cutler, a volunteer at the rescue centre, said Bentley is a typical American Akita, a 'little bit of a diva' - but he is well-loved by everyone at the centre.

"Bentley came to us in 2016 and from what I understand he didn't fit the family's requirements so they gave him up," Tracy said.

"He is a very sweet boy, aloof - and if he doesn't want to do something then he won't. He can be a bit unpredictable and loves his own space in the kennel and everyone here just adores him.

"When people talk about Birch Hill, he's who they talk about, he's part of the family now."

Bentley, 9, at Birch Hill Dog Rescue

Tracy went on to say that because of Bentley's sometimes stubborn ways, rehoming him wasn't an option and so Birch Hill became his permanent home.

When asked about the bachelor pad, Tracy said: "It was an idea that everyone had during Covid when we knew that Bentley was going to be a permanent resident so he could have peace and quiet.

"But with Covid and the cost of living it got put back and back so we thought 'we have to do it now or it's going to be never'."

The rescue centre hopes to raise around £8,000 for the kennel which will be enjoyed by Bentley and other mainstays in the years to come.

Bentley, 9, at Birch Hill Dog Rescue

The JustGiving page reads: "Is this a lot for one dog? Yes. Does Bentley deserve it? Absolutely.

"This kennel is also not just for Bentley, it will be a home for another long stayer or permanent resident after him and this addition to our site will remain a special place for the special ones that need it and who call us home.

"Thanks so much to all those of you who keep on supporting us and for helping us to continue to help what’s most important to us – our dogs."

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