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'We trust the trust and they trust us' – Town celebrates after rare victory to save hospital beds

A town is celebrating after a rare 'David vs Goliath' victory to preserve services at a local hospital.

Bishop's Castle has been buzzing at the success of saving the inpatient beds at the town's community hospital.

Campaigners and residents in Bishop's Castle have been left delighted after their committed efforts to save the 16 inpatient beds at the town's community hospital were successful.

The unit had been temporarily closed in 2021 due to staffing issues.

That closure looked set to become permanent before a joint effort between the town's residents and Shropshire Community Health Trust (Shropcom), which runs the hospital, resulted in a successful recruitment drive.

Those efforts to find staff were supported and promoted by the town residents and the 'Save our Beds' campaign, and have been hailed as model other towns and communities could follow when looking to preserve their own services.

The success is a rare story, with closure plans rarely reversed, and official consultations increasingly depressingly seen as a method of rubber stamping bad news, and taking the sting out of the loss.