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Fundraiser for family of popular teenager Dylan Price raises £18,000

It started with a target of just £100 but a fundraiser set up in memory of teenager Dylan Price ended up with more than £18,000 being donated.

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Dylan Price

The idea came from Dylan's friend, fellow student at Shrewsbury College, and Shrewsbury Colts teammate, Joey McCoy, who said he had just wanted to do what he could to help his friend's family in a time of tragedy.

Dylan's mum, Louise, and his sisters Livi and Izzy have spoken of their thanks for the generosity shown from all those who contributed, and to Joey for his thoughtful actions.

Louise said they had been "overwhelmed" at the support.

Joey, 19, who said Dylan was "like a little brother to me", paid tribute to to the way his friend's family have coped in the face of the tragedy – supporting others experiencing grief while they deal with their own loss.

He said: "This family have been ridiculously strong. The way they have handled things is amazing. The way they have stayed together and tried to help other people too is just incredible."

He added: "Dylan was like a little brother to me, smiling all the time, he was such a cheeky chappy, as soon as I met him we just clicked. He was just great, every time you saw him."

Dylan, third from right, loved celebrating Christmas with his family
Dylan and his mum Louise
Dylan's family and friends, from left: Izzy, Livi and Louise Price; Joey McCoy, Betty Sayce; and, front, Azaylia Price, five

Joey said that although he expected people to support the fundraiser, even he had been staggered at the way it had gone, with the local community, businesses and the rugby community all coming forward to support the efforts.

He said he had just wanted to make sure Dylan's family had one less thing to worry about.

He said: "It was just to help obviously with the Covid times being hard, it was just to help get a few funds together. When that happens the last thing you want to be worrying about is money."

He added: "I knew Dylan had such a massive friendship circle so I knew it would do well but I didn't expect it to go to that. I just hoped all the rugby lads would donate and the next thing we were getting donations of £4,000 and stuff."

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