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Farmers Market in south Shropshire quieter but still a success

A traditional Shropshire Farmers Market held this weekend was quieter than usual but still a big success.

Christine Perkins from Amanda's Breads

The Bishop's Castle Farmers Market, held each Saturday at Bishop's Castle Town Hall, has been running for over 20 years, and has been held in its new home in the town hall since 2014.

A gathering of local producers of honey, bread, cakes, pastries, chocolate and various other goodies has been held almost each weekend for the past two decades, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic it is still able to continue.

Manager of the town hall, Sue Salisbury, shares the role with her colleague Sue Willmer. Sue Salisbury said: "It was quieter than a normal Christmas Market. We would normally have had people getting in their last bits of Christmas shopping. We still had good footfall, but it was quieter."

Nicky Boyd from Sunny Bank Preserves
Helen Roberts from Jenny Knoll Yarns

Government restrictions to curb the Omicron variant of coronavirus are having an effect on the hospitality trade, as some businesses are feeling the crunch as customers cancel bookings. The Bishop's Castle Town Hall has been able to keep going as a venue.

Sue added: "Obviously we kept it open, but because we are a music venue, we put on concerts and things, we have been impacted. And the markets have been quieter."

If you would like to have a stall at the Bishop's Castle Farmers Market, contact Sue Salisbury or Sue Willmer on 01588 630023 or by emailing