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Number of deaths and injuries on just six county A-roads revealed as safety campaign starts

A fresh road safety campaign has been launched after the county's fire service revealed 39 people have been killed on just six Shropshire roads since 2021.

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Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging drivers to 'Bring Your A-Game' as it looks to reduce the number of people injured or killed on the county's A roads.

The message is part of a campaign launched today, which will see the fire service taking park in events around the county and sharing advice about driving safely on A roads.

As part of the campaign the fire service has revealed that the majority of the county's crashes take place on its 60mph A and B roads.

It is focussing on six specific roads; the A442, the A49, the A53, the A5, the A458, and the A41.

It said that on those six roads since 2021 there have been 39 deaths and 168 serious injuries alone as a result of 163 collisions.

Road Safety Officer Cathryn Williams said: “We have sadly attended some extremely tragic incidents where people have lost their lives, some as recently as this month. This is why we are focusing on our most prolific roads to raise awareness of the hazards that they present.

“A lot of people don’t realise there are so many dangers when driving on A roads and motorists tend to switch off once they’re off the motorway. It is really important to stay aware of your surroundings and make good choices on A and B roads.

“We’re urging motorists to follow and share our advice on driving on A-roads. We want you to make it to your destination safely so please Bring Your A Game.”

As part of the campaign the fire service has highlighted a number of key factors for drivers to consider

Speed – Adjust your speed to match the road’s potential hazards

Health –Check in with yourself before starting your next journey – Are you feeling well enough to drive?

Intoxicants – Alcohol and drugs affect vital reactions. Ensure you have allowed enough time for any drugs or alcohol to leave your system before you drive.

Awareness – Be prepared for unexpected hazards at all times. A-roads often have blind bends and in rural areas it is more likely there could be an obstruction in the road. Always be aware of your surroundings and adjust accordingly.

Judgement – consider risks, adapting your driving style in response. Is it really safe to overtake? Do you have enough time to spot a hazard and stop?