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'Access denied' for public Shrewsbury land bought back after court judgement – for a feathery reason

A piece of land brought back into public ownership after residents won a campaign at the Supreme Court won't be returned to amenity use until after the end of the bird nesting season.

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Shrewsbury Town Council's sign at Greenfields

The land at Greenfields Recreation Ground in Shrewsbury has had fences restored to block access to the land until Shrewsbury Town Council can hack down the jungle that has grown on the once disputed piece of land.

A council spokesman said: "As you may know, Shrewsbury Town Council recently bought back this piece of land with a pledge to return it to public amenity as soon as possible.

"This, of course cannot happen until it is safe to do so.

"For now, therefore, the fencing must remain and access denied."

Shrewsbury Town Council's sign at Greenfields

The council adds that it is talking to the Greenfields Community Group about plans to create a countryside and nature recovery site similar to ones in several parts of the town.

It adds: "This will obviously require significant initial clearance work which cannot be undertaken during the bird nesting season which ends in August."