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'No solution' for stressed out Shrewsbury hospital staff facing fines in struggle to park

Health staff are being put in an "impossible position" by the lack of parking at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where they have to pay to park but are fined when they can't find a space.

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Parking issues at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital have led to some staff being fined

Hospital bosses are aware of the situation but have prioritised spaces for patients and visitors and are urging all staff who are able to use a free park and ride to do so make spaces available for those who can't.

Building work will be taking place over the next few years, so the situation at the Mytton Oak Road site won't be immediately improving.

The Shropshire Star was contacted by an employee at the in patients department who says she "loves her job" but the lack of spaces is causing unnecessary stress.

The member of staff who did not wish to be named said the situation has recently become "much worse" and nobody is telling them what to do. She has been handed a £15 fine after finding it impossible to park in proper space.

Taking a free park and ride bus is also not an option for parents who are members of staff, she said.

"There has never been enough spaces for all the staff and visitors," she said. "It is a very big hospital visited by lots and lots of people, it is very difficult to park here."

But she said the situation has become much worse since the start of work to build ward 37. She says staff parking has been taken away and given over to visitors.

Nearby roads have signs up saying they are not to be used for hospital parking