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'Trespassing' TikToker in closed Shrewsbury shopping centres: 'I wouldn't encourage anyone to do this'

A TikToker who posted videos from inside two closed shopping centres says he would not encourage others to copy his trespassing.

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TikTok videos – Mr Airborne

The Birmingham-based Mr Airborne posted videos on the Chinese-owned app after he got into the closed Pride Hill and Riverside shopping centres which have been closed pending a multi-million pound Shrewsbury redevelopment.

They have been viewed many thousands of times by people on the site, showing views of the two shopping centres. They even show Mr Airborne, who wishes to stay anonymous, avoiding an eagle eyed CCTV camera.

Mr Airborne says he has been able to give up his job as a welder and travel around the world getting into abandoned "apocalyptic" places. They have included an abandoned airfield in Romania with aircraft still on the ground.

He says he did not cause any damage to the two Shrewsbury shopping centres, which could have lifted the two incidents into the realms of criminal law.