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Council proposes £52 fee for green waste collections – and asks residents if they want to pay more to keep recycling centres open

Shropshire Council wants to bring in an annual £52 a year fee to collect green bins – and is also asking residents if they want to pay more to prevent the closure of two recycling centres.

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Craven Arms Recycling Centre

The cast-strapped authority has revealed the proposals in a consultation about waste collections, sparked by its need to save up to £62m from its budget this year.

The council has now confirmed that it wants to bring in an 'annual subscription fee' of £52 to collect garden waste from properties in the Shropshire Council area.

As part of the consultation the council is also offering residents a way to prevent the closure of two of its recycling centres.

Earlier this year the council said that it would look to close two household recycling centres as part of its cuts to meet the £62m target. The authority currently operates recycling centres in Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Craven Arms, Oswestry, and Whitchurch.

The latest consultation offers residents two options to keep all five open – the first is reducing the hours they operate, and the second is paying a 'higher annual subscription' for green waste.