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Signs in Shrewsbury housing estate offering thousands of pounds off for teachers and police officers

A Shropshire MP is urging teachers and police officers to look into a scheme at a Shrewsbury housing estate that gives 'keyworkers' thousands of pounds off the price of houses.

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Daniel Kawczynski spotted the signs and urged keyworkers to check the scheme out.

Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski visited one of the David Wilson Homes estates off Welshpool Road this week and spotted signs offering £1,000 off for every £20,000 spent on the purchase price by police officers and teachers.

While the photos shared by Mr Kawczynski only featured police officers and education staff, it's understood the scheme applies to all 'keyworkers' including but not limited to NHS staff, firefighters, defence staff, prison service personnel, Highways Agency staff and people who work for local authorities.