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41 feel good photos from Queen Camilla's visit to Shrewsbury - that will make you feel all Royalist

For a royal visit, it was understated but charming, and as one of our reporters pointed out, Queen Camilla seemed to leave well-wishers feeling incredibly happy when she visited Shrewsbury yesterday.

It was a good day for royal fans in Shrewsbury.

The Queen was more than comfortable chatting to all who turned out to meet her. And there was a genuinely big crowd.

She visited the Farmers' market, held long conversations with traders and members of the public and even received a gift or two.

It really seemed to be occasion for celebration. There wasn't a frown in sight as our reporters and photographers, given impressive access for the visit, soaked up the atmosphere.

After the town centre she headed towards the Flaxmill Maltings to meet community champions, and that part of the trip was equally as positive.

It obviously wasn't an occasion for the non-royalists amongst us, but there is no doubt that Camilla again left a very good impression on the county town.

Below is a huge selection of photographs from the day that really capture the essence of the visit - as local pride met royal elegance.

A chocolate welcoming Queen Camilla.
A Camilla mask.
Positive message.
A lot of people turned out to see the Queen.
Members of the public await the arrival of Queen Camilla.
It was a very happy atmosphere.
Crowds gathered, as Queen Camilla passed through the market (Photo: Owen Brace).