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Shropshire Council releases £110 million tender to find contractor to construct North West Relief Road

Shropshire Council has released a £110 million tender to find a contractor to build the North West Relief Road.

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It's a massive engineering endeavour which many believe will benefit Shrewsbury and Shropshire - but others aren't happy at all.

The project, which saw a large number of objections during the planning process and is still deemed controversial by some, was given planning permission last year and was finally approved in February (2024) - although some environmental conditions are purportedly still not agreed upon.

If it goes ahead, the project will involve building a new, single carriageway to link the northern and western parts of Shrewsbury, essentially "completing the ring road".

The Shropshire Council document details what the project will involve including nearly 7km of road, a new bridge over the Severn and its flood plain and a new bridge over the Shrewsbury-Chester railway line to "connect the A5 at Welshpool Road roundabout in the west to the Ellesmere Road roundabout in the north of Shrewsbury."

Every single part of the project will be expected to be completed by the winning contractor.

The contract is supposed to begin on January 10, 2025, with Shropshire Council expecting the work to be finished by September 24, 2027.

Those who want to win the contract have until midday on April 15 to submit their bid.

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