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Call for vital health initiative for farmers to escape Shropshire Council budget cuts

A lifesaving health support service for farmers could be put at risk due if Shropshire Council's budget crisis means it can only offer mandatory services, a labour councillor fears.

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Councillor Julia Buckley and Andrew Bebb

At a recent visit to Hall Farm, in Cruckmeole, Hanwood, Councillor Julia Buckley, also Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury, met farmer Andrew Bebb, to discuss the success of the Shropshire Rural Support Charity and its Health Check Van service.

During their tour of the farm, Mr Bebb detailed his recent struggles with farming issues including Bovine TB. He also described the challenges facing Shropshire farmers including flooding, complex Government subsidy application schemes, the price of grain since the Ukraine war and the struggle to find help on the farm.

Councillor Buckley said he also described the lack of support and the long hours he works as a dairy and sheep farmer.

"During this lambing season Andrew typically finishes his day at around 2am with a quick tea and shower before sleeping for two hours and starting again," she said.