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Anyone repeatedly affected by flooding is welcome at Shrewsbury 'resilience' meeting

Those repeatedly affected by flooding in Shropshire are being urged to attend a public meeting later this month.

Flooding in the Coleham area of Shrewsbury

The meeting has been organised by Shrewsbury Flood Action Group which wants to bring people together as one voice to demand better protection.

It will be held on February 27 at Nerdy, 49 Mardol in Shrewsbury from 7pm to 9pm.

Siobhan Connor, chair of Shrewsbury Flood Action, said: "Following the floods in January and October 2023 and recently in January 2024 the group feels the only way forward is to take action and hold a meeting.

"It is taking place at a venue which was on the verge of closing due to the impact of flooding with the owners kindly offered the venue for free."

She said the purpose of the meeting was to invite flooded residents and businesses along.

"It’s come to our attention that no one seems to know who to go to for help after a flood or are aware of grants on offer, how to access them or indeed what SVWMS plans are.

"We feel as a community we need to work together, and we can do better. We also need to understand how many people in our community are affected by flooding."

The flood action group says that property flood resilience isn’t just for during a flood but about how resilient the community is after a flood.

"Following the Government’s announcement of grants for those affected by flooding during Storm Henk, Shropshire Council needs to demonstrate over 50 homes and businesses were flooded internally in order to be eligible for the grant. We need flooded residents and businesses to come forward.

"It costs £500 a month to run a dehumidifier to dry out after a flood and the Government's grant of £500 would help towards this cost. We believe every flooded home and business should be entitled to this. Think of it as an 'Any Questions' style evening on flooding, where there will be a panel and chair.”

Those who have agreed to attend include representatives from Shropshire Council, Shrewsbury Town Council, BID, The National Flood Forum, The Environment Agency and Severn Valley Water Management Scheme.

Shrewsbury's MP Daniel Kawczynski has been invited to attend.