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Youngsters given special tour to mark Charles Darwin's 215th birthday

To celebrate Charles Darwin's 215th birthday, six lucky youngsters born in February have been given a tour of his childhood home.

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The group was given a tour of Darwin's House to mark his 215th birthday.

The event was organised as part of Shrewsbury's DarwIN Festival, which is running a month of events to mark the 215th anniversary of the birth of the famous naturalist.

The tour was led by Maggie Love, and saw the youngsters, including one whose actual birthday was February 12 – just like Charles Darwin, shown around Darwin House on The Mount in Shrewsbury.

Six youngsters have been given a tour of Darwin House on the famous naturalist's 215th birthday.
Henry Salin, who shares his birthday with Charles Darwin.

During the visit they were able to see the room in which Darwin was born, explore the grounds he enjoyed as a child, and sing happy birthday to him.

Maggie, a guide on the tours, said it had been wonderful to show the children around the historic home.

Maggie Love led the group on the tour of Darwin's home.
Maggie Love led the group on the tour of Darwin's home.

She said: "We have just been sharing this house with six children who also share their birthday with Charles Darwin in February – one of them even had his birthday today, making that very special.

"We all sang happy birthday to Charles Darwin, we visited the rooms that he sat in and had breakfast, the rooms that enjoyed reading in, and the rooms that he played with his children in.

"But most specially, the grounds. The gardens where he went to do his research, his observations, and his recordings, the beginnings of a young naturalist that we understand as the great modern scientist that he became today."

The tour marked Charles Darwin's 215th birthday.

A host of events organised by Shrewsbury BID will be taking place throughout the rest of the month and for more information visit