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Watch: Villagers dice with overtaking cars at 'death trap' A5 junction

Residents in a Shropshire village say they are taking their lives in their hands every time they turn off the A5 to go home due to overtaking cars coming the other way.

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Shrawardine resident Chris Hamner negotiates the ‘deathtrap’ junction

People living in Montford, near Shrewsbury, say the junction to their village off the A5 is a “death trap” as faded lines on the road have resulted in overtaking cars doing 60mph careering towards stopped cars waiting to turn right.

Robin Pocock, from Montford Parish Council, said there had been numerous accidents at the junction, and that a “fatality is inevitable”.

He said: “There have been a number of accidents and numerous ongoing near-misses, which is a real worry.

“The road markings have been worn out for more than nine years and vehicles overtake not realising there is a junction ahead and cars are waiting to turn right.

“While there are hashed lines at the junction there should be double white lines along the road before it – but they have faded and drivers don’t realise and think you can continue to overtake along that stretch.

“It is also bad when we turn left as you have to slow down to about 20mph and people are doing 60mphg behind you and get impatient and just overtake.”

He described the junction as a “potential death trap” and said dozens of residents have reported near-misses with trucks and speeding cars.

After more than 18 months of complaining about the junction, he said he has finally convinced National Highways officials to go along and visit the site on Monday(20), along with a traffic adviser from West Mercia Police.

“It is horrendous. It is only a matter of time before somebody is killed.

“A fatality is inevitable,” said Mr Pocock.

“What the junction needs is solid double lines in the road to tell drivers they can’t overtake. And that is just paint so it shouldn’t cost anything.”

National Highways and West Mercia Police will be attending a site visit in Montford as well as meeting residents to hear their concerns at Montford Parish Hall on Monday at 11am. All local residents are welcome to attend.