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WATCH: Young deer spotted in hair-raising visit to Shrewsbury town centre

A late-night visitor to Shrewsbury raised eyebrows when it wandered through the town in the early hours of this morning.

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A young deer was seen walking around Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury

A tiny deer was seen wandering down Dogpole and Wyle Cop leaving people scratching their heads over where it could have come from.

And the animal had a lucky escape when it had to race across the bottom of the Cop as a car drove down.

The very young deer tentatively made its way onto Wyle Cop, sniffing and looking around as one car passed it.

An eye-witness filmed the animal going back and to across the road making its way down towards Town Walls.

They filmed a heart-stopping moment when the little deer had to flee the road to the pavement as a car approached.

Wherever the young deer had come from it was on its own.