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Run-down youth building to be replaced with purpose-built centre

A new community building could be built in Shrewsbury to help improve youth club provision.

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Monkmoor Lodge

Shropshire Youth Association (SYA) has secured funding to construct a purpose-built centre to replace Monkmoor Lodge in Upton Lane, and hopes work can start on site later this year if planning permission is secured.

Monkmoor Lodge is currently leased to SYA under a 30-year community asset transfer from Shropshire Council, approved in 2017.

The authority is now being asked to extend the lease to 99 years to allow the redevelopment project to go ahead, and a decision will be made by cabinet at a meeting next week.

A report by Leela Cottey, the council’s strategic asset manager, says: “Monkmoor Youth Club on Upton Lane has been the home of youth activities in the locality for several years.

“The facility has hosted weekly junior and senior youth clubs and a weekly session for young people with learning difficulties.

“The venue has also accommodated training sessions, community meetings and events for a range of local organisations.”

It continues: “Shropshire Youth Association has secured funding to replace the building and has now requested that the lease includes demolition and replacement of the current building, and be extended to 99 years to reflect the increased investment in the site and potential to provide wider and more longlasting community benefit through the development of improved facilities.”

Ms Cottey says not extending the lease, including approval of the demolition, would be “a missed opportunity” as it could result in SYA reconsidering the viability of the project and its ability to commit.

The report goes on to say the council is responsible for maintaining the building, and the current demountable structure is in need of £74,400 of work which the council would no longer have to fund if the redevelopment went ahead.

It adds that the youth association has secured the funds to build a two-storey, 400 metre square, energy efficient building, which would save the council an estimated £3,100 a year in running costs.

The report recommends cabinet agrees to the new lease.