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Fears snakes have been dumped after second boa constrictor found near Shropshire village

Residents of a Shropshire village are worried snakes are being dumped after a second boa constrictor was found within the space of a week.

The snake was found in a field near Baschurch five days after another boa constrictor was discovered. Photo: Andy Bucknall

Days after a 6-ft long albino boa constrictor was found in a country lane near Baschurch, a second snake was discovered in a field just yards away from the site where the first one was found on Saturday.

The "very dehydrated" snake was found by Andy Bucknall, who was out walking his dog at around 9.20am on Thursday when he came across the coiled up snake near Eyton Lane.

"It was a bit of a shock," he said. "I nearly stood on a six or seven-foot boa constrictor while walking the dog. It was curled up by my feet.

"I live 100 yards from where the first one was found, I didn't think there would be another one. It seemed in a pretty bad way, it was coiled up tightly and was not moving. I nudged it but it was rigid, presumably because it was cold.

"It was about 50 yards from where the other one was found."

The snake was found in a field near Baschurch five days after another boa constrictor was discovered. Photo: Andy Bucknall

With the help of neighbours and a farmer the snake was loaded into a box and, like the albino snake found at the weekend, taken to Abbie's Pets & Exotics in Shrewsbury.

Sarah Smout, who works at the family business, said the snake had been moving and had constantly been in water and drinking, since its arrival.

"It doesn't look as bad (as the first one)," she said. "The first one has lots of respiratory issues."

The snake found on Thursday was due to be picked up by Jelly Exotics from Telford as the Shrewsbury shop hadn't got room for two large boa constrictors which need a warm environment to help replicate the conditionso f their natural Central and South American habitats.

Mr Bucknall fears that the boa constrictors have been dumped, and wonders if there could be any other snakes - potentially more dangerous - slithering around the area.

The boa constrictor at Abbie's Pets and Exotics after it was handed in. Photo: Abbie's Pets and Exotics

He said that anyone who may have dumped the snakes should have "held their hands up and said 'I can't look after it anymore'".

"I guess pets can outgrow people but to dump them isn't right," he said, adding that the responsible thing would be to "take them to someone who can look after them rather than leave them in the wild".

Sarah wondered if this was "going to keep happening", and admitted the family shop does not have room for any more snakes.

The albino boa rescued on Saturday

The first snake, which is very underweight after being found on Saturday afternoon, continues to make a slow recovery and is receiving antibiotic injections.

The albino boa constrictor - which has gone blind in one eye - was examined by a vet earlier this week who was said to not be too concerned about it.