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Dancers thank Salopians after being stranded in Shrewsbury hotel during floods

A ballroom and Latin dance troupe who were briefly stranded in Shrewsbury's floods have thanked the public for their offers of help to get them out of a town hotel.

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Burn The Floor dancers created a 'human daisy chain' to get their luggage out of the Premier Inn in Shrewsbury

The Premier Inn at Smithfield Road was turned into a virtual island on Monday night as the flood waters rose, and the 32-strong Burn The Floor group found themselves walking through foot-deep waters as they returned for a well-earned kip after a sell-out performance at Theatre Severn.

Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton had been in the show but was taken back to London while the others went for a second night at the Premier Inn, where they had left all their luggage.

Flooding next to the Premier Inn on Smithfield Road
There was just enough dry road for a coach to get nearby

"They walked through the waters to get back and all had showers," said manager Paul Irving. "But in the morning the water was just too deep.

"I put an appeal on social media for help with getting the luggage out and had all kinds of offers from lovely people. It is heartwarming."

The cast had been hoping to go by 9am and eventually a coach was able to reach them at 11am.

They formed a daisy chain to pass all their luggage, bags, and musical instruments over their heads and into the coach and make their way to London in time for a show on Wednesday night.

The dancers make it to a coach across the flooding

The group paid for an extension of the Park & Ride services to get members of the public back to their cars after the show.

"I love coming to Shrewsbury," said Mr Irving. "It is a lovely town and the people at the hotel were so friendly. We had some lovely messages of support too."

The experience of flooding hasn't put Mr Irving off coming back to the town and he is looking forward to returning in the future.

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