Probe over concerns of possible dog poisoning at Shropshire beauty spot

By Lucy Todman | Shrewsbury | News | Published:

Dog owners are worried their pets have been poisoned after walking at a Shropshire beauty spot.

The picnic area at Nesscliffe Hill

A number of owners reported their beloved pets had been struck down with extreme sickness and diarrhoea which required veterinary treatment after visiting the Nesscliffe Country Park.

Pet owners took to social media over the weekend to share their stories and concerns.

A report that a dog had died after straying on to land close to a local shoot raised fears that poisoned meat could have been left deliberately.

But others who visited Nesscliffe Hill over the Christmas and New Year period said their pets had been struck down with violent vomiting which went on for hours as well as upset stomachs and uncontrollable urination.

One whose two Schnauzer dogs were affected was Rachel Preece-Pritchard from Shrewsbury. She had visited the area with her young family and on returning home her dog Gordon soon fell ill.

After taking him to the vets, he was prescribed medication and is slowly recovering. But once she mentioned the incident to friends and family she was horrified to learn her dogs were not the only ones to be affected.

She said: "It’s so worrying.

"A friend said her dad's friend's dog had been poisoned, my two have been ill and another friend's dog who went the same day was really ill.


"Gordon didn’t eat all week and was so, so sick and keeps wetting himself all the time.

"I heard there has been poisonous meat found and and another dog has had blood tests and warfarin was found in its blood."

The reports, which have not yet been substantiated, are now being investigated by Shropshire Council's countryside department.

The RSPCA advises that if you fear your dog has been poisoned:

  • Stay calm. Remove dogs from the source of poison.
  • Contact your vet immediately; inform them when, where and how poisoning occurred. If appropriate, take the packaging, plant or substance to the vet. Don't expose yourself to any harm.
  • Follow your vet's advice.
  • Never attempt to treat/medicate dogs yourself. Some medicines for humans and other animals may be poisonous to dogs. Never attempt to make dogs vomit. Do not use salt water as it's extremely dangerous. If skin/fur is contaminated, wash with mild shampoo and water, rinse well and dry. Keep dogs away from other animals to avoid cross-contamination. Never 'watch and wait'. If you suspect your pet's been poisoned, contact a vet immediately.
Lucy Todman

By Lucy Todman

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star and Shrewsbury Chronicle based in Shrewsbury.

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