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Man who wrote 'Help' in crayon on police cell wall after 41 hours handed conditional discharge

A Shropshire man has been handed a conditional discharge after magistrates heard that he had used crayons to write over a police cell after being kept in for 41 hours.

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Telford magistrates court

The solicitor defending Jack Fraser, aged 30, of Glentworth View, Morda, near Oswestry, pondered whether the Crown Prosecution Service should have brought the case at all after telling Telford magistrates that issues he had been arrested for had been dropped.

Fraser had been charged with criminal damage after the incident in Shrewsbury on November 16, 2023.

Prosecutor Hannah Baddeley told the court on Tuesday that Fraser had been given a book and crayons to help him pass the time. She said he wrote "help" on the walls after he was refused water.

"The cell had to be cleaned and was out of operation for a number of hours," she said.

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