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'Utterly shameful': MP slams state of Shropshire rivers after data reveals raw sewage spills double

MP Helen Morgan has branded the scale of sewage dumping in North Shropshire as "utterly shameful".

MP Helen Morgan at the Morda

The comments from the North Shropshire MP came after data showed raw sewage was allowed to flow into waterways in her constituency for some 250 days.

Councillors in Oswestry have been working to raise awareness of the problem and take action, with the Morda described as ‘nearly black’ downstream and the worst it had been for years.

Data from the Environment Agency revealed last week that raw sewage was released into the Morda 146 times in 2023 for the equivalent of 69 days non-stop.

Ms Morgan called the scale of the problem "utterly shameful".

She said: "Last week, we saw Environment Agency statistics that are yet another chapter in this ongoing national scandal, including some horrifying results right here in North Shropshire.