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Watch the moment metal detectorist finds 100-year-old car tax disc in Oswestry

An Oswestry metal detectorist has unearthed a 100-year-old a car tax disc holder, complete with the tax disc inside.

The tax disc unearthed by Chris

Chris Langston made the discovery when he was searching in his Shropshire hometown.

He said the tax disc expired on December 31, 1924, and was purchased at Oswestry Post Office a year earlier.

Chris, who is the founder of metal detectorist group Oswestry Unearthed, said: "Remarkably, this 100 year old paper tax disk is still intact.

"The expiry date is December 31st 1924, so this means that this tax disk was purchased in December 1923 and stamped at Oswestry Post Office. Then I go and dig it up almost exactly 100 years later."

He added: "I wonder how many cars were in Oswestry in 1923? I bet there's not many."

He said he believed the tax disk was registered to a Model T Ford.

Closer look at the car tax disc purchased in 1923