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Recovering woman thanks crews after 'lengthy and difficult' brook fall rescue

Firefighters have received a thank you letter from a woman they rescued after she fell and lay injured in a brook.

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Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service

The rescue last month from Morda Brook, near Oswestry, was a 'lengthy and difficult affair' after the woman managed to call the emergency services herself as she lay on her back injured in the water.

Describing it as a 'lovely thankyou letter' that they received on Tuesday, Oswestry Fire Station posted the letter in full on its Facebook page.

She wrote: "On Saturday, July 15, 2023 at 4:45 pm I fell down the embankment of Morda brook in Morda, Oswestry and ended up lying on my back injured in the brook."

She says her recollection of events is "very hazy" and she cannot remember the fall or immediate aftermath.

"I managed eventually to contact emergency services including members of your fire service who duly arrived. What follows is the recollection of other people present."

She goes on to say that extracting her from the brook proved a "lengthy and difficult affair" but that eventually "I was taken by your staff across the brook to an adjoining field and into the warmth of the ambulance.

"I was throughout this time treated with the upmost [sic] care and respect.

"I was taken to Shrewsbury hospital A&E and treated for my injuries over the following 48 hours."

She adds: "What is crystal clear to me is that your staff, whose names I do not know, were most instrumental in my safekeeping at a time when my body was in shock and extremely cold, my rescue took place with your staff members in cold water and dangerous underfoot conditions.

"The dedication and sense of their teamwork kept me safe during a lengthy and dangerous operation.

She adds that she is making a slow and steady recovery and thankfully suffered nothing worse than a double clavicle fracture, concussion and nasty head wound but with minor complications.

"Please convey to your staff my most sincere thanks and gratitude for the care and kindness. I shall not forget the events and how your members demonstrate all that is best in your service," she said.

The incident itself saw two fire crews, police and the ambulance service were scrambled at 6.04pm on July 15.

When they arrived on the scene they found that one person had slipped down a bank into shallow water. Crews used line rescue equipment to assist the woman back up the bank and left them in the care of the ambulance service.

An operations officer was also sent with the crews from Oswestry and Shrewsbury alongside colleagues from the land ambulance service and the police.

The fire service part of the incident was declared over at 7.31pm.

A spokesperson for Oswestry Police said: "A lady was rescued in the Pont Duncan area of Morda after slipping on the muddy river bank into the river.

"All three rescue services worked together to recover the lady who had minor injuries and was taken to hospital. Public are reminded to be careful near water."

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