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Cows invade residential street in Shropshire village

Moo-ve along, please, nothing to see here. A herd of cows found their way on to a main road through a village in Shropshire.

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Passers-by were amazed after spotting the cows wandering along the road and posted images on social media

The sight of the animals in Whittington amazing passers-by who posted images on social media at the weekend.

They crossed the busy Station Road and ended up on the front gardens of residents before being successfully herded back to safety.

Stephanie Reynolds, who posted photos on Facebook, said she had returned along the road a little later and the cows had gone.

The cows were guided back to the fields

“I’m assuming someone came for them,” she said. The animals are thought to have escaped from the Castle Fields land that sits between Station Road and Whittington Castle.

Cattle have traditionally grazed on the land which has a public footpath through the middle of it.

Kissing gates at each end of the footpath prevent the livestock from getting out of the fields.

It is not known how the animals managed to get into the alleyway that leads from the fields to Station Road.

It is believed they were unharmed and later guided back to the fields.

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