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'You could get a test between now and eight months!' Just how difficult is it to get a driving test in Shropshire?

Rosie Stead-Brennan is one of the thousands of young people who are finding out just how hard it is to get a driving test in Shropshire - and how expensive. Here is her own experience of getting behind the wheel and how the closure of the Whitchurch driving test centre has exacerbated the problem.

Rosie Stead-Brennan

The worst test I have ever done has been my driving test.

After Covid ruined my GCSEs and continued to ruin my A-levels, I thought a simple driving test would be a stroll in the park.

I never dreamt that at almost 20 years old and struggling to book another test, I would still be relying on my parents to take me places; to go to work, to see my friends, even just to be free of the tiny village that I live in which doesn’t even have a bus service.

It's a four-mile walk to the nearest shop from my little village - but at least we have a pub.

So many people are in the same position as me – where they have failed one or multiple tests and are unable to get re-tested.