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Surprise leap year twist as comedian takes to the stage

Comedian Russell Kane showed a romantic side to his nature when he took to the stage in Shropshire and helped one of the audience spring a leap year wedding proposal.

First-act comedian Abi Clarke, Faye Nixon and Paul Newman from Derby, and Russel Kane -- backstage at Festival Drayton Centre.

Russell brought his new tour, Hyperactive, to the Festival Drayton Centre, on Thursday, and began as expected with comic observations directed at the audience.

But then he asked one of the audience, Faye Nixon, up on stage and their conversation turned to dating.

Once he had found out how long Faye, from Derby, had been with boyfriend, Paul Newman, he summoned her bemused partner to join them on stage.

Faye then produced a ring and proposed as is the tradition on February 29 - Ladies' Privilege Day.

Another member of the audience, John Hargreaves, said: "A stunned Neil said 'Is this genuine?' Everyone including Kane, held their breath then Neil said Yes."

"Even Kane admitted he was buzzing."

Festival Drayton Centre manager, Geoff Vernon, said it had been a wonderful night.

"Russell Kane had obviously agreed to help with the marriage proposal. There was such a good atmosphere, everyone was over the moon," he said.

For the comedian it was a return trip to Market Drayton, having brought his last show to the tour, then asking to return.

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