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'Many 20mph signs vandalised' says council in Wales as it warns of police action

A Welsh council bordering Shropshire says "many" of the 20mph signs installed in its area since new speed limits came into force have been vandalised or stolen.

Picture: Wrexham Council

Wrexham Council has warned that it sees it as a safety issue and police say it is a criminal act.

The Welsh Government’s default 20mph speed limit came in to force throughout Wales in September this year and the council says getting all the speed signs in place throughout the county borough has been a big job.

A council spokesperson adds that "Unfortunately, many of the signs have been vandalised, or even stolen. Some of these signs are the 20mph speed signs on the approach to schools, which is a serious safety issue."

North Wales Police Eastern Area Superintendent, Jon Bowcott said: “Defacing and damaging road signs is a criminal act and can put road users in danger.

“Those responsible for this mindless vandalism are endangering themselves – as often the targeted signs are located in rural locations with little or no street lighting.

“Road signs are an essential component of transportation infrastructure that provide important information to all road users, and the ongoing vandalism in some areas is adding confusion amongst motorists.

“North Wales Police will take action against anybody found to be deliberately defacing and damaging road signs.”

Councillor Hugh Jones, Wrexham's lead member for environment, added: “It has been disappointing to see these road signs being damaged, and we take the matter very seriously.

"Vandalising or removing the signs creates a safety issue for residents and the consequences for those carrying out damage can also be very serious; interfering with traffic signs is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 and a person could be found liable for any accidents caused by their criminal actions.”

Anyone wishing to report a defaced/missing sign email Wrexham Council with the location of the sign at