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Parents of disabled four-year-old 'blown away' by £10K donation from Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney

The parents of a disabled four-year-old have been left "blown away" after receiving a £10,000 donation from Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney to adapt their home.

Undated handout photo of Charlotte Perrin and her four-year-old son Louis, who was born with a rare genetic condition.

Aaron and Charlotte Perrin's son Louis was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A, which causes him to have painful leg spasms, limited mobility, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Despite this, Louis has always remained positive and loves watching football matches, especially when his favourite team - Wrexham AFC - plays.

His parents were "shocked" to see a £10,000 donation on their fundraising page from the club's owners on Friday, to help towards adapting their home in Wrexham.

Mrs Perrin, 32, who works in the emergency services, told the PA news agency: "Louis' carer screenshotted the donation page and was like, 'oh my God, look at that', and then I tried to get in touch with my husband."

Mr Perrin, 32, who is a headteacher, added: "I was at work and was sitting in the staff room and saw I had two missed calls from Charl and then a message from one of my governors saying, 'have you seen this?'

"I couldn't contain it; I just told everyone in work straight away.

"We were all amazed and so pleased and we've had friends ringing and crying on the phone.