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Montgomeryshire General Election results: Glyn Davies holds seat for third time

It was third time lucky for Glyn Davies, who retained the Montgomeryshire seat, taking more than 50 per cent of the vote share.

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Celebrations at the count in Newtown

Mr Davies took 18,075 of the votes, up from his total in 2015 of 15,204.

The Liberal Democrats had hoped to regain one of its former party strongholds but instead lost more votes, with candidate Jane Dodds securing 8,790 votes, compared to 9,879 in 2015.

But Labour was the real shock of the seat, with 22-year-old candidate Iwan Wyn Jones securing 5,542 votes, compared to Martyn Singleton’s 1,900 in 2015.

Overall the Montgomeryshire turnout was 71.82 per cent, translating to 34,967 voters out of a possible 48,690.

The turnout was up from the 2015 election, which stood at 69.3 per cent.

Mr Davies said he was “delighted” with his plump majority, describing his victory as a “landslide”.

He said: “I’m pleased to win and win by a pretty shining majority, especially as that’s not what we’re seeing across the country.

“It’s great to have that sort of faith from the local community, that’s something special.

“It’s a great privilege to be elected for a third term.”

Mr Davies said his focus now was the issues concerning his constituents, which include cross-border health and Brexit, which he said is an issue across the country and for local livestock farmers.

“The biggest concern in Montgomeryshire is the reorganisation of health services in Shropshire, this has to be resolved, it can’t be left any longer,” he said.

“It’s a disgrace that it’s taken as long as it has. Unless it’s dealt with quickly now, people will die.”

On Brexit, Mr Davies said: “There is so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and that’s a concern not only nationwide but also for livestock farmers in the area, and I have practical experience of that, which is unique for an MP.

“Really it’s about bringing about certainty to what’s very uncertain to many.

“If we get a majority, we need to negotiate our exit from the European Union, even if that’s a small majority because the people of Britain have spoken, they have voted to leave and we have to deliver on that.”

Now 73 years old, Mr Davies hinted at the possibility of fighting for his seat at the next election.

“I feel absolutely fantastic, I feel energised, and I quite fancy fighting this seat when it’s time for The Queen to give me a birthday card,” he said.

Ahead of the result, Mrs Dodds said even if she didn’t take the seat, she would keep going.

She said: “We will keep on with the Liberal values of hope, rather than just managing.”

Following the result, she said: “Theresa May has taken voters for her party for granted but we don’t do that as the Liberal Democrats.”

Labour’s Mr Jones said he’d enjoyed a “really strong campaign” and that his party “provided a real alternative for the people of Montgomeryshire”.

This time Plaid Cymru’s Aled Morgan secured 1,960 votes, up from the party’s 1,745 votes in 2015.

While the Green Party’s Richard Chaloner lost about 700 votes, this year receiving 524 votes, compared to 1,260 in 2015.

This year a total of 75 ballots were destroyed.

2017 Results

Glyn Davies (Con) - 18,075

Jane Dodds (Lib) 8,790

Iwan Jones (Lab) 5,542

Aled Hughes (Plaid) 1,960

Richard Chaloner (Green) 524

Turnout: 68.74%

Previous results:

2015: GLYN DAVIES (CON) - 15,204 Jane Dodds ( Lib Dem) - 9,879 Des Parkinson (Ukip) - 3,769 Martyn Singleton (Lab) - 1,900 Ann Griffith (Plaid) - 1,745 Richard Chalinor (Green) - 1,260 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 5,325

2010: GLYN DAVIES (CON) - 13,976 Lembit Opik (Lib Dem) - 12,792 Heledd Fychan (Plaid) - 2,802 Nick Colbourne (Lab) - 2,407 David Rowlands (Ukip) - 1,128 Milton Ellis (Nat Front) - 384 Bruce Lawson (Ind) - 324 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 1,184

2005: LEMBIT OPIK (LIB DEM) - 15,419 Simon Boynes (Con) - 8,264 David Tinline (Lab) - 3,454 Ellen ap Gwynn (Plaid) - 2,078 Clive Easton (Ukip) - 900 LIB DEM MAJORITY - 7,173

2001: LEMBIT OPIK (LIB DEM) - 14,219 David Jones (Con) - 8,085 Paul Davies (Lab) - 3,443 David Senior (Plaid) - 1,969 David Rowlands (Ukip) - 786 Ruth Davies (Profile) - 210 Reginald Taylor (Ind) - 171 LIB DEM MAJORITY - 6,234