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Shropshire's most prolific speed camera catches a motorist every hour in 2023

A pair of speed cameras at a busy road junction in Shropshire have caught nearly 12,000 drivers over the past 12 months.

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Thousands of drivers have been caught by speed cameras in Shropshire

The two cameras at Trench Lock Interchange in Telford have snared an average of 33 drivers a day over the past year.

Almost all of these were for low-level speeding infringements, where a speed awareness course was offered as an alternative to points and a conviction.

By far the county's most prolific camera was the one on the A518, approaching the junction from the direction of Telford town centre and Trench Lock garage. This camera caught 8,811 drivers, a rate of one every hour. Of these, 8,395 – 95 per cent – were for speeds of 42mph or less.

Speed cameras on the Trench Lock Interchange caught almost 12,000 drivers this year

A second camera on the junction, approaching along the A518 from the direction of Hortonwood and Apley, is the county's second most prolific camera, catching 3,105 speeding drivers. That means an average of eight drivers a day are caught by the camera.

Of the drivers caught by the A518 camera, almost 98 per cent are for minor offences.