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Two years of Covid: Reflections from our readers

Our piece on two years of Covid and the anniversary of the first lockdown generated a huge – and mixed – response from our readers.

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Our readers have shared reflections of their own experiences

With our writers looking back on their memories of the pandemic and how their lives have changed or stayed the same, our article led to readers sharing reflections of their own experiences.

Some found positives in the way their lives were forced to adapt, while others spoke of the struggle that the pandemic and its lockdowns have presented.

Via Facebook, Carol Quaile said: "Living alone was a difficult time. You couldn't do what you wanted as many places were shut and then closed down because of lack of income. They are still suffering. It certainly ruined some peoples lives."

Angie Evans added: "Never want to experience anything like that again in my lifetime."

Meanwhile, Maryan Petrovski described the last 24 months as "two years of mega lies and manipulations," and Rob Stevenson said: "History will hopefully look back on the orchestrators of these last two years with the brutal condemnation that they deserve."

On Twitter, 'B Thompson' said: "Two years and it has been a disaster of epic proportions because the so called experts were left to make the decisions. Need I say more?"

Pauline O Hara added: "2 years ago I said what lockdown whilst on route to work. Still asking myself the same question."

And 'Ashley' said: "The first lockdown, the very very first was crazy. The streets was actually empty, all shops closed. People actually worried without even knowing why, it was incredibly strange. Can't say I minded the lockdown, the time spent with family & time just relaxing no stress."

We want to hear your memories of the last two years and the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in detail. Please leave comments in the space below or email