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Consultation on nitrogen levels on agricultural land

Farmers in Wales are being encouraged to engage with NFU Cymru after the launch of Welsh Government’s consultation on an important part of the the control of agricultural pollution regulations.

BORDER PIC / DAVID HAMILTON PIC / SHROPSHIRE STAR 10/9/20 Aled Jones, during at visit at Brongain Farm, Llanfechain, by The Minister for International Trade Ranil Jayawardena..

Welsh Government Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths has announced a 12-week consultation on a licensing scheme for farming businesses to apply for a licence for a higher annual holding organic nitrogen limit of up to 250kg/ha, subject to crop need and other legal considerations

An earlier move to introduce a tighter, 170Kg/ha organic nitrogen limit has been delayed until April 1 although other regulations will come into force from January 1 including nutrient management plans, risk maps and controls on the spreading of nitrogen fertiliser.

Aled Jones the NFU Cymru president, said: "There is concern over how the 170kg limit could affect Welsh farming’s productive capacity. The extent to which this licensing system addresses our concerns will be a matter for us to consider with our members over the consultation period. It is crucial that these regulations do not impinge on the sector’s ability to feed the nation with healthy, sustainable climate friendly food now and in the years ahead."

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