Concern as Shropshire fly-tipping incidents reach 4,000

By Rob Smith | Telford | Crime | Published:

Almost 4,000 fly-tipping incidents were reported in Shropshire, with nearly three quarters of those in Telford & Wrekin.

Fly-tipping is cleared up in Sutton Hill in Telford

A total of 2,911 fly-tips were discovered in the borough in 2017/18, while in Shropshire Council’s area 1,073 were reported.

Peter Scott is Newport’s mayor and a Telford & Wrekin borough councillor, and often takes part in litter picking sessions to clean up Newport.

He said: “Fly-tipping is anti-social and it’s basically lazy as well.

“In Newport we do a good job in dealing with fly-tipping. There was a time when I was forever onto Telford & Wrekin Council about fly-tipping in Church Aston.

“It takes time to change.

“I’m aware that in the Brookside and Woodside areas it’s a massive issue.

“There are clearly hotspots.”

Telford & Wrekin Council’s official advice over fly-tipping warns: “Offenders can, and will, be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Anyone found guilty and convicted in a magistrates court could face a fine of up to £50,000 and/or 12 months in prison.


“If convicted in a crown court you could face an unlimited fine and/or a jail sentence of up to five years.

“But that’s not all. Did you know that if your rubbish is fly-tipped you could also be prosecuted − even if you didn’t dump it or know it was going to be dumped?

“Under the Environment Protection Act 1990 section 34, people must ensure that any waste collected from their home is taken by a registered waste carrier. You could be liable to a fine of up to £5,000 for not doing so.”

Tami McTaggart lives in Market Drayton, studies environmental sciences and is passionate about green issues.

She said: “Fly-tipping is just awful. Not only does it create an eyesore, it also has a massive impact on the environment.

“It has the potential to cause serious harm and death to wildlife, disrupts ecosystems, pollutes water systems and soils. More needs to be done to deter this behaviour.”

Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star based at Ketley in Telford.


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