Haunted Shropshire? Top ghost sightings across the county

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Hauntings and Shropshire go hand in hand given all the historic buildings we have across the county and there have been many ghost sightings across the county over the years - and we have complied a list of some of the stories which will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand-up.

Here are some other sightings.

According to Newport legend here is the ghost of Madam Piggott – the wife of a local noble who died with her baby in childbirth many years ago.

Is this photographic proof of the Newport ghost?

Her unhappy spirit is said to haunt the area around the A41, between Newport and Market Drayton, and over the years a number of drivers and walkers have claimed to have seen her.

Is this picture from February 2014 the real thing?

In the foreground, this group in Wem are all smiles, but some have claimed they can see a ghost and her baby standing in the window of the house directly behind them, watching them.


Is there a ghost in the window?

The house in question is uninhabited and surrounded with scaffolding - raising the question as to just whom or what could be lurking within.

The unusual photographs were posted on Facebook by Natasha Oliver, a mum-of-one from Wem.

They were taken six years ago after a World Cup game but Natasha said the mystery still remains unsolved.


In August 2015 a ‘pub poltergeist’ was captured on CCTV in Bridgnorth by the venue's spooked-out owner after glasses were ‘thrown’ from the shelves one at a time.

Nick Bevon said he was shocked to discover glass strewn across the floor of his bar when he arrived for work at Bassa Villa in the town.

But the boss got the fright of his life when he studied security footage for evidence of a mishap - only to discover the glasses move on their own after dark when the bar was shut.

In 2013 staff at a county market hall were stunned after CCTV footage captured what could be a ghost.

Employees at Wellington Indoor Market were shocked when footage showed what appeared to be a shadowy figure pushing over a stack of heavy boxes.

Kay Boakye, manager of the market said: "Basically, we came into the market in the morning and the boxes were all over the place, on the floor and over the stairs. We thought there had been an intruder so we obviously went straight to the CCTV.

"We couldn't believe what we saw."


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