Letter: Forget HS2 – equality on railways needed

Here we go again.Yes, it has happened many times before and no doubt will continue to happen in the decades to come.

Letter: Forget HS2 – equality on railways needed

Promises are made, hopes raised, only to be dashed. This is particularly clear, when looking at the north-south divide in this country.

The north will become the new hub for industry, commerce, learning and so on. The electrification and modernisation of the railways will speed this to fruition. Good! Sorry, no money, it will be delayed, while we know that billions are to be spent to speed the little wanted, less useful, more intrusive, countryside and community destroying HS2 from and to where else but London, it is being rushed through.

We, the people of the UK are not even getting all the financial benefits from HS2 and money can't replace the damage it will cause to the people whose lives are to be wrecked.

If a garden fence can cause hedgehogs to abandon gardens, and decline in number, what will a railway, high speed, with noise and a wide field of associated works do? It will harm it.

Come on, have some sense, if not compassion. Stop HS2, improve the rail links and the coaches. Make people want to leave their cars behind and use the properly integrated, comfortable, readily available local transport.

No more north-south divide, let equality for all be a reality.

B A Flowers, Newport

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